Codachrom - Plastinka (10") 10"

€ 19.99

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Catalog number: GR2129
Release date: 1-7-2013
EAN code: 8435008881337

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CODACHROM is a new electronic-rhythmic project, born out of the exchange of sound files between these two musicians, created with analogue drum machines, assorted synthesizers, modified video game consoles, vocoder and Eugene's processed violin. Computers have only been used in the editing of the final sound but not in the composition process, which gives this record a freshness and a completely retro feel reminiscent of the electronic pop of pioneering artists, 70s space electronic disco music and 80s tecno-pop. PLASTINKA is the perfect music for a space-themed party. It's inspired by moon craters, especially the great crater Tsiolkovskiy, located in the far side of the Moon, to the west of crater Gagarin. That's where, from time to time, these two talents of current European music gather up and turn on their machines, offering spontaneous live shows to strange beings that rise up from the nearby craters. With a bit of luck, the flickering lights of their synthesizers can be seen through a telescope from our planet.