Djohan, Rully / Munif - Bubuj Bulan / Naghm El Uns 7"
  • Djohan, Rully / Munif - Bubuj Bulan / Naghm El Uns 7"

Djohan, Rully / Munif - Bubuj Bulan / Naghm El Uns 7"

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[ENG]Following on from Soundway"s 2022 compilation, Padang Moonrise, are two early 1970s tracks from Java, Indonesia. one instrumental psychedelic organ version of Classic Indonesian track "Bubuj Bulan" and the other a raw funk cut sung in Arabic.Rully Djohan recorded this unique, psychedelic instrumental version of Benny Corda"s classic "Bubuj Bulan" for his album of instrumental organ versions of popular Indonesian songs recorded in 1971-72. With echoes of Indian, Ethiopian and Egyptian jazz melded with traditional Javanese music this version is a shimmering, dubbed-out take on a song that has been recorded by many Indonesian vocalists. Djohan is backed by The Galaxies Band, and led by one of Indonesia"s most original band leaders and arrangers Jopie Item, who also plays sitar and guitar alongside Djohan"s electric organ.On the flip-side, Munif Bahasuan delivers a deep funk track sung in Arabic. Munif was a Jakarta-based vocalist who sang mostly in Arabic and English. Jakarta has a small population of Arabic, ethnically Middle Eastern people who settled in Indonesia via connections with Islam and Islamic culture, the dominant religion in Java, Sumatra and many other of the main islands in the Indonesian archipelago.

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