Haines, Greg - Where We Were Lp

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Catalog number: DENLP171
EAN code: 4024572603069
Release date: 24-5-2013

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The theme of this recording may seem to be far from its predecessor, but they end up being complementary and not so distant in terms of sound, therefore completing the birth of Witxes. A Fabric of Beliefs is, indeed, the nocturnal, pensive companion to Sorcery/Geography. The album was mainly recorded in the French black mountains and at Mikrokosm Recording Studios near Lyon, France. Just like Sorcery/Geography, this new release features guests who were involved in the late stages of creation, post-production by Beno?t Bel, mastering by Lawrence English, and artwork collaboration with Alvina Von Rhein. Vinyl: thick sleeve, 180g vinyl, free download code.