Campo - Campo (red Vinyl Lp) Lp
  • Campo - Campo (red Vinyl Lp) Lp

Campo - Campo (red Vinyl Lp) Lp

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[ENG]Campo's debut album, released in 2012, was a milestone in the new South American music scene. The brainchild of Juan Campodónico - one of the creators of Bajofondo - combines sophisticated pop, electronica, and South American roots, uniting past and present in a unique way. Neo-cumbia, tango, and candombe shake hands with Britpop, soul, and trip-hop in a timeless album. A place where indie rock intersected with the great Latin bands of the 1950s, fringe genres like cumbia villera were transformed into sophisticated music, tango joined alternative pop, and track music became contemplative and landscaped. Juan Campodónico has a long artistic career (Peyote Asesino, Bajofondo) and extensive experience as an artistic producer on some fundamental records of Uruguayan and South American music (Jorge Drexler, Cuarteto de Nos, No te Va Gustar among others). In 'Campo' is a very heterogeneous group of composers, performers and instrumentalists from different genres and geographical locations (Jorge Drexler, Martín Rivero, Ellen Arkbro, Pablo Bonilla and Verónica Loza, among others). 'Campo' was based on the song format, jumping the limits of the Río de la Plata, immersing himself in rhythms, genres and forms of South American songs from the past and present, seeking the link with pop, rock and electronic music. The album -which received nominations for the American Grammys, the European MTV Awards and the Latin Grammys- broke schemes and prejudices. He brought together opposite worlds such as cumbia and britpop, songwriters and dance music, or bolero and electropop, finding beauty and sophistication in unexpected places.

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