Zinger, Earl -& Don Rogall- - Vol. 1 (10") 10"

€ 18.99

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EAN code: 4030433005514
Catalog number: STAGO55
Release date: 30-1-2015

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This is the first of two 10-inches. Coming deep out of the swamp delta of Berlin, D.C., and straight outta Gin Lane, Londinium, here are Don Rogall and Earl Zinger, the feral stepsons of carpet dealers and long forgotten record sellers, with their long awaited debut. Rockin' blues, infected with some nasty boogie, jive and ingredients of exotic origin; it's a new breed of juke joint anthems. All efforts have been made to make this release possible, it took years to distill these tunes out of live performances and studio recordings. Already solid hits on the Berlin underground, these releases on Stag-O-Lee are a document of something that otherwise would have been left to the "oral culture" - forever.TRACKS:A1. Gabba Gabba Hey A2. Game Of Bad Jacks A3. Funky ButtB1. Baby Gone B2. Backroom